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Tree Replanting Project

Trees are an important renewable natural resource, they purify and create the air we all breath. Sadly invasive pests have put increasing pressure on our forest ecosystems. I am very proud to say that we have planted over 1000 trees last year from locally gathered nuts, with help from neighbors and friends. We are always looking for volunteers to help with planting as well as large specimen trees for nut collection. Honey Bees are an endangered specie and very important to pollination and natural reproduction of native plants.

Updated 2021 Check out progress and growth!

Wood not only provides us with material for our homes, it's also home for animals big and small. The tree plantation and wood yard is clearly providing habitat to many creatures. These pictures represent what has been caught on camera. Sightings of predators like the Great Horned Owl and the "boiler-wood" weasel prove there is an over population in small game. Indicator specie such as frogs and salamanders show that nature is taking hold and the habitat is clean. Our American Chestnut hybrids and Black walnut trees are reproducing and we will begin to replant them. Endangered Butternut trees and honey bees are surviving.

For more information on how to support our bees and re-plantation Please Contact.

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