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"A spatula is a small implement with a broad, flat, flexible blade used to mix, spread and lift materials".  My spatulas are just that. Available in all shapes and sizes from Small to Extra Large, curved or flat, single or in a set.  They are a must have utensil for any kitchen. High Quality Spatulas are Made to last from Canadian Maple, Cherry or Walnut. Curly Maple Spatulas are a great addition to any  kitchen and the perfect conversation piece for serving guests. With proper care, these utensils are hard wearing and durable.


Hand Carved spoons come in Medium, Large and Extra Large. Every spoon is slowly Hand Carved from Canadian Maple, Cherry or Walnut. Carved Spoons are a great rustic addition to any kitchen.


Wooden Cooking Utensils are no different than your cutting boards. Remember to never leave your utensils soaking in water or in the sink. This will damage them and cause them to split and warp. Rinse off stuck on food right away and dry to avoid intense scrubbing. Use a sponge or dish rag to clean your cooking tools, never steel wool. Wooden Cooking Utensils must be re-oiled often to keep them waterproof and looking fresh.


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