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Campfire and Bon-firewood is a cost effective general purpose wood for outdoor burning, available in bulk. The classic snap crackle and pop of woods such as Pine, Spruce, Fir. (90$ for a regular pick up truck load)

Premium Hardwoods 1/3 bush cord bags weigh in around 1500-2000lbs dry and can be machine loaded into a pick up truck for simple and easy transportation. The mesh bag allows for maximum sun and air flow on isolated units providing proper seasoning. Very dense hardwoods such as Oak in normal size pieces require a full year of these conditions to dry correctly. Seasoned wood will burn properly providing maximum BTUS, large coal beds and little creosote build up. Oak, Locust and Hard Maple $180, mixed hardwood 150$


Smoker and Cooking hardwoods, Through the course of a year I collect, separate and stack premium woods for cooking. (12" and under in smaller billets) (pizza ovens and smokers) Shagbark Hickory, Cherry, Apple, Pear, Sugar Maple, Beech, Apricot, Red and White Oak.


 Please contact me for Custom made firewood and availability

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