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  • Flat area is needed for set up and levelling of the sawmill, flat as possible.

  • Dry ground is best for the work site.

  • Mill is approximately 15 ft long and 7.5 feet wide. Truck is around 9feet wide.

  • Space is needed for off bearing of waste and lumber stacking.

  • A sawmill is designed to work off of organized log piles, Stacked logs in the 6-12 foot range are ideal. Longer logs can be cut with an extension.

  • Stack logs in one area if possible, mill moving and set up slows down production

  • Log moving service is available upon request as a separate service.

  • Logs should be lifted or skidded, Dirt and sand covered logs destroy blades.

  • Logs should be set up bark to bark with the trunk end facing the back end of the truck and trailer.

  • Logs should be stacked on the passanger side of the truck and trailer, but loading is reversible.

  • Help from small or large equipment is great for moving wood, logs or waste.

  • Limbs and knots should be cut back as close to the log as possible.

  • Knowledge of any metal or objects in the tree will help keep production moving. Charges will be applied for damaged blades.

  • Help from the home owner is always appreciated and keeps things running smoothly. Heavy slabs and beams are nearly impossible to unload alone. Extra labour can be provided upon request.

  • Freshly cut green wood must be stacked and stickered for drying. Having stickers ready, extra hands on deck and space for wood to dry saves on time and energy of restacking wood after milling.  

  • The max. size log that my mill can handle is 30" diameter and 12' long or 3000lbs. Logs are normally cut under 12' depending on customer preference. 

  • Small logs of walnut and cherry can be jigged to the front of the mill, please give a heads up on small logs so that I can come properly equipped.

  • When the milling job is complete you will have your requested lumber, trimmings, slabs, saw dust and wood to be broken down into fire wood size chunks.

  •  Stickers for spacing of drying wood can be provided to you. Stickers must be dry or they will leave a stain on the final product. Most customers need a lot of stickers, please give me a heads up if you need them.

  • Wood should be stacked to dry for approximately a year per inch of thickness depending on species. Your wood pile should be kept out of the sun and shielded from the rain to best of your ability.

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