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Wood Working Courses

Sadly Courses are permanently canceled due to covid restrictions and a lack of time.


I will be offering courses to educate beginners interested in working with wood. Guest speakers, sponsored samples and recommended reading of provided literature. As of right now we are gauging interest and compiling a list of interested participates. Please contact me if interested to get involved.

Introduction to Sanding and Make a Charcuterie Board

Sand Like a Pro! We will be discussing types of sanders and their purposes, sandpaper and grits, basic sanding dust collection and removing bark. A surfaced board of Black Walnut will be provided to you as well as cutting board oil and sand paper samples to keep.

(Course Fee $150 Estimated run time 2 HR)

Finishing and Epoxy

Basic wood finishing and making professional repairs.

(Course Fee $125 Estimated run time 1.5 HR)

Understanding Wood

Understanding wood is the key to woodworking. We will be discussing wood grain, how trees grow, local specie identification, defects in lumber and working around them. How lumber is sawn, dried and milled and how that relates to your projects.

(Course Fee $70 Estimated run time 1.5 HR)

Sponsor a Course

We are looking for companies to supply quality products to be sampled by students for later purchase. Please Contact

Using Hand Tools and Sharpening

Discussing the purposes of different hand tools. How to sharpen and maintain the cutting edges. Refurbishing old tools. Bring your own tool.

(Course Fee $150 Estimated run time 2 HR)

Making and Drying Lumber

Learn the do's and don't s of making your own lumber. The sawing process and different types of saws, blades, stacking and moisture content, Air drying and Kiln drying wood.

Course Fee $100 Estimated run time 1.5HR  (not winter)

Running a Bandsaw Mill

Using a Bandsaw mill to make lumber. Log defects, Scaling logs, specie identification, types of band blades, sharpening and air drying. A log will be supplied the lumber you cut will be yours.

Course Fee $200 Estimated run time 2HR , private lesson- max 2 people

Milling Lumber

Roughing out stock with a bandsaw. Surfacing lumber using a jointer, planer and table saw to make square and flat boards for furniture creation. Working around defects and rough sanding with a drum sander.

Course Fee $100 Estimated run time 1.5HR

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