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ATV Logging and Pick up



Sadly, log pick up services are no longer available due to insurance costs and time constraint issues.

Low impact log salvage using traditional style log arches and a custom log retrieving trailer.


Log moving arches have been around for centuries and were traditionally pulled by horse or oxen. They use leverage and winches to displace the weight of a log and float it off the ground, minimizing lawn damage and soil compaction. Log Arches can be pulled by an ATV or tractor eliminating the need for large equipment. Two sizes of log arches. The Buck Arch can move logs up to 24 inches in diameter and can fit through a fence gate with a width of 39 inches, making backyard trees and logs accessible to the mill that would otherwise not have been. The Mega Arch can move logs up to 44 inches in diameter and up 12 feet long or 5000lbs.

Log Retrieval trailer (CLICK HERE to watch video). For more information please contact me.

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